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Alyn Rockwood, Shoeb Binderwala
A Toy Vector Field Based on Geometric Algebra
To appear in C. Doran, L. Dorst and J. Lasenby eds. Applied Geometrical Algebras in Computer Science and Engineering, AGACSE 2001, Birkhauser 2001.

Abstract: Scheuermann et al used Geometric Algebra to demonstrate a new relationship between the topology of a 2D vector field with singularities of any order, and its analytic description. We have used the insights provided by this work to create a computer program that allows a user to design, modify and visualize a 2D vector field in real time. The vector field is polynomial over the complex field C, and is therefore more computationally efficient and accurate than Polya's rational version over C, which is the traditional approach for such work. Such "toy" vector fields are useful for instruction, understanding and topological simulation of issues associated with all vector fields. More details.

Programmed by: S. Bhinderwala (Arizona State Unversity, USA)
Credits: G. Scheuermann, H. Hagen, H. Krueger (University of Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Alyn Rockwood, D. Hestenes (Arizona State Unversity, USA)
Funded by: D. Hestenes (Arizona State Unversity, USA)
Copyright: Strictly non commercial, no guarantee whatsoever, no liability, always include this whole page!
Download: Vector Field Design v1.0 (vfd.exe), 372k, not compressed

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